Sunday, May 26, 2013

Yup, She's a Character!

Keira ADORES being outside. So much so that the other day she tried climbing up the patio door as she wailed "outside, outside!"All this taking place BEFORE breakfast. She was not impressed when I insisted she get some food into her first. Once outside she was once again her usual happy self. We literally spent almost three hours puttering, she in her sandbox and with her toys, and I pulling out weeds and more weeds, plus getting the backyard ready for the summer. Or at least trying to! Of course I had a little bit of toddler help along the way. 

What do you mean this thing doesn't drive on stone? (Note the movement of hair - she's trying mighty hard to get the car to move forward!)
Lending a helping hand. It's a good thing because our backyard needs all the help it can get! I can't get over the number of weeds and dandelions (yes, I know they're considered weeds). Crazy! I reseeded today (Monday). We'll see what happens.
Really?!? What a life!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother & Daughter

Sunday was Mother's Day. My second year to celebrate being Mom to such an incredible little girl. I pinch myself daily and am in awe that, after such a ridiculously long wait, we were brought together as mother and daughter. I literally shake my head in wonder. I have no doubt in my mind we were meant to be a family she and I. She is so totally mine and I am so totally hers. I am blessed beyond measure.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chinese New Year - Belated!

Any excuse in this household for a celebration! I've been meaning to post pics for ages from our Chinese New Year's Celebrations. Yes, thats plural! We managed to have a small celebration as a family which included a simple evening of take out, dumplings, mandarin oranges, the traditional red envelopes, and a lantern or two. We then took part in some festivities which were run by a local senior's group where we were entertained with music, dancing, a fashion show, puppet shows and had a chance to try different foods and do crafts.

The following week, we also managed to get to Chinatown for the Dragon Parade which takes place during Winterlude. Lots of fun! The entire ground around us reverberated from the sheer power of the drums. Keira was enthralled.

Needless, to say, Keira was spoiled this New Years! The red envelope she received at the festivities put on by the senior's group was filled with chocolate coins, which thrilled her as chocolate is a favourite treat. The red envelope she received at the parade actually had a real quarter in it. She also received a red envelope from my parents and from yours truly. She might not understand the value of money now (she simply enjoyed taking it in and out of the envelope), but I know in the future it will be a big deal!

Applauding some dancers - this girl loves her music and dance!
All she wanted to do was give the puppet's hair a tug!

As the parade moved up the street, more and more people gathered and everyone followed the main dragon